Nature & Characteristics

What is the Nature and Characteristics of the True God worthy of worship?

According to Islamic beliefs, the nature and characteristics of the true God worthy of worship, known as Allah, are described in the Quran and teachings of Islam. Here are some key aspects of the nature and characteristics of Allah:

  1. Oneness and Unity: Islam emphasises the absolute oneness and unity of Allah. Allah is indivisible and has no partners or associates. Muslims believe in the concept of Tawheed, which affirms the unique and singular nature of Allah.
  2. Transcendence and Omnipotence: Allah is transcendent and beyond human comprehension. He possesses all-encompassing power and authority over the universe. Muslims believe that Allah is all-powerful (Almighty) and can do all things.
  3. Creator and Sustainer: Allah is the creator of the heavens and the earth and everything within them. Muslims believe that Allah brought the universe into existence out of nothing and continues to sustain and maintain it.
  4. All-Knowing and Wise: Allah is described as having complete knowledge of all things, including the past, present, and future. He is attributed with perfect wisdom and understanding. Muslims believe that Allah’s knowledge is infinite and encompasses everything.
  5. Merciful and Compassionate: Allah is characterised by mercy and compassion. Muslims believe that Allah’s mercy and compassion extend to all of creation. Allah is forgiving and willing to pardon the sincere repentance of His servants.
  6. Just and Fair: Allah is just and fair in His dealings with humanity. He rewards good deeds and righteousness and punishes wrongdoing and injustice. Muslims believe in the ultimate justice of Allah, where all actions will be accounted for and justice will be served.
  7. Loving and Kind: Allah is loving and kind towards His creation. Muslims believe that Allah’s love and care are evident in the blessings and provisions He bestows upon His creatures. Allah’s love is unconditional and encompasses all believers.
  8. Unchanging and Eternal: Allah is eternal and does not change. Muslims believe that Allah is unaffected by time and remains constant in His attributes and characteristics.

These are some of the nature and characteristics of Allah as described in Islam. Muslims believe in the worship and devotion to this true God who possesses these divine qualities.

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