Unlocking Knowledge, Nurturing Growth

Explore the Path of Enlightenment through Yaqeen Foundation’s Transformative Workshops.

At Yaqeen Foundation, we understand that knowledge is the key to personal growth and spiritual enlightenment. That’s why we offer a diverse range of workshops designed to unlock the treasures of wisdom, empower individuals, and foster holistic development. From guided studies to history, from self-discovery to practical application of inspired teachings, our workshops provide a transformative learning experience for all. Join us on this enlightening journey and embark on a path of knowledge, growth, and self-discovery with Yaqeen Foundation.

Personal Growth & Transformation

Our workshops offer a unique opportunity for personal growth and transformation. Through engaging discussions, interactive sessions, and inspiration, you will delve deep into the rich teachings and discover profound insights that can shape your understanding of faith, spirituality, and self-discovery. Whether you are seeking to deepen your knowledge or a lifelong learner eager to expand your horizons, our workshops provide a supportive environment to nurture your personal growth and unlock your true potential.

Practical Application in Everyday Life

At Yaqeen Foundation, we believe that knowledge should be transformative and applicable to real-life situations. Our workshops go beyond theory by equipping you with practical tools and strategies to incorporate inspired teachings into your daily life. From developing a strong connection with guided principles to navigating ethical challenges, our workshops provide practical inspiration and skills that empower you to lead a purposeful and fulfilling life of guided principles. Gain the confidence and skills to navigate life’s complexities while staying rooted in your faith through our practical and enriching workshops.

Our Workshops

A workshop aimed at providing a comprehensive understanding of the basic beliefs, practices, and principles of guided principles, and the importance of faith in everyday life.

A workshop focusing on the study and interpretation of the True Guidance. Participants can explore the themes, lessons, and guidance found within God’s Message, and learn practical techniques for understanding and applying its teachings in their lives.

A workshop that delves into the rich history and contributions of humankind throughout the centuries. Participants can learn about early civilisation, prominent figures, intellectual achievements, and the impact on various fields such as science, art, and literature.

A workshop exploring ethical teachings and their practical application in daily life. Participants can discuss topics like honesty, integrity, compassion, and justice, and learn how to embody these values in their interactions with others and the broader society.

A workshop tailored specifically for individuals who are actively seeking out truth, providing practical guidance on various aspects of their newfound faith. Topics include connecting with God, dietary guidelines, community integration, and resources for continued learning.

Workshops centered around nurturing one’s spiritual growth and strengthening the connection with God Almighty. Topics include mindfulness in prayer, building a personal relationship with the Divine, and cultivating inner peace and tranquility through spiritual practices.

Workshops that focus on achieving balance in different aspects of life, including family, work, and personal well-being, while staying true to guided principles. Participants can gain insights on time management, self-care, maintaining healthy relationships, and prioritising their spiritual growth.

A workshop highlighting the importance of fostering healthy and harmonious relationships in light of guided teachings. Participants can learn effective communication skills, conflict resolution strategies, and the significance of compassion and forgiveness in building strong connections.

Workshops promoting intervalue dialogue and understanding, encouraging individuals to learn about other traditions and engage in respectful conversations. Participants can explore commonalities, dispel misconceptions, and foster mutual respect and coexistence.

Workshops that focus on personal growth, self-reflection, and setting meaningful goals in light of guided values. Participants can explore techniques for self-improvement, motivation, and finding purpose in their lives.

Explore Our Vibrant Social Activities

At Yaqeen Foundation, we believe that social engagement is an integral part of our mission to foster unity, compassion, and positive change. We invite you to dive into our diverse range of social activities designed to make a meaningful impact in our communities. From outreach programs to community service initiatives, each social activity is an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, serve those in need, and contribute to building a more compassionate and inclusive society.

Discover the joy of giving back, the power of collective action, and the profound impact we can create when we come together. Explore our social activities and be a part of something greater. Together, let’s make a difference and inspire positive change in the world.

Probing Life’s Essential Questions

Exploring the Fundamentals. The Fundamental Questions of Life are deep inquiries about the purpose, meaning, and nature of human existence.

Join Our Community on this Transformative Journey

Together, we unlock the boundless potential within, inspire positive change, and leave a lasting impact. Discover, engage, and embark on the enlightening path of knowledge with Yaqeen Foundation.